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You call them leaders, we call them stimulators.

Morgan 20/20 doesn’t set our sights on leadership. We look for technology forward people that have the intelligence and business “parenting skills” to act as thought-simulators to our clients and the internal staff they serve. Their job is to make others think, stretch, and stay clear of comfort zones. 

The Stimulus Team

Nicole Rivera
Nicole RiveraDirector of Research
Nicole Rivera directs the intelligence-gathering and information distribution activities of Morgan 20/20. When she first came on board, Nicole proved herself as a very skillful Talent Acquisition Specialist for the companies Legal Search Division. Because of the companies training process, her skills in that area could be duplicated, however, one of the areas that led to her success was unique. That was her ability to conduct deep research, way beyond typically accessible traditional sources. She took it upon her own initiative to study Boolean Logic and the ability to use search engines in a way that could pinpoint areas of candidate expertise through the technical outcomes of their projects, not through their conscious desires to be seen in the public forum of the internet. This led to discovering hidden talent at a superior level typically not attracted to an employer posting. The company encouraged her work, which has led to the success of the UAV/UAS Search Division.

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Peter Leffkowitz
Peter LeffkowitzManaging Partner
Since 1986, Peter Leffkowitz has trained 60,000 recruiters worldwide and has been invited in-house, to evaluate, gut and re-position 700+ search firms, into what many consider to be the Who’s Who of the staffing industry. Peter is the Founder and CEO of Morgan Consulting Group, (www.morgancg.com) one of the most respected recruiter training firms in the world. He has mentored some of the brightest and highest “completed search” producers in the executive search industry. He is asked often to consult with in-house corporate Talent Acquisition staff to help them minimize their 3rd party recruitment usage.

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