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Nicole Rivera
Nicole RiveraDirector of Research

Nicole splits her time between serving Morgan 20/20 Search and its parent company, Morgan Consulting Group (, leading their recruiter training webinars and providing QA functionality for cloud-based staffing industry training software.

Prior to joining Morgan 20/20, Nicole served 7 years as a U.S. Marine, completing two tours of service in Iraq in Logistics as an Ammunition Specialist. First tour as part of a female Search and Assist team providing border security at a forward operating base on the Barwana and Haditha border. Second, she was responsible for establishing and managing a complete small arms ammunition supply point to issue and receive ammunition from troops deploying to and from Iraq.

In 2012, she pursued her Associates of Art while raising the first of two sons. While going to school, she established a division of recruitment for a fast growing temp firm that specialized in “virtual assistants”.  Nicole caught the “search bug” and reached out to the industry’s top trainer, Peter Leffkowitz. Instead of letting her solidify a Bachelor’s degree and interview within the industry, he hired her himself.

Fast moving, quick to absorb and process, she keeps her fiancé and two young sons immersed in her high-performance lifestyle. An avid Harley rider, overzealous baker, ex-girl-band drummer, Nicole has turned Research and Administration into a contact sport.