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Peter Leffkowitz, Founder/CFO

Our Concrete Belief: watch the crowd and move in the opposite direction

Morgan 20/20 Search was originated by an individual who blends into a human herd long enough to study standards of consumer acceptance and tolerance, in the delivery of business service. He’d then create diametrically opposed systems and methodologies that would only appeal to high performance contrarian thinkers.

Our core premise that Morgan 20/20 Search was founded on: there is a top 20%, a middle 60% and a lower 20% of quality in everything. We choose less quantity to stay in the thin ribbon of the top 20%.

That means fewer clients, driven by higher standards, expecting near-perfection and are consciously aware and appreciative of that difference.

Peter Leffkowitz, Managing Partner of Morgan 20/20 and CEO of our parent, Morgan Consulting Group (, created that degree of separation within the executive search industry.

Beginning in the late 1990’s, he developed a methodology of separating extreme technical excellence from mediocre contribution within the same skill zone. He proved it can be done in any field, provided that the same “innerviewing” technique and investigative depth was engaged. Since 1996, he has trained approximately 1,200 search consultants and their management per year, at his 75-acre ranch retreat in Kansas City Missouri. He has been recognized for building the highest performance search firms in North America, Tokyo, and South Africa.

In 2013, he put enormous effort into hand-selecting and leading some of his strongest students to build a tightly branded collection of specialty search firms, that separated the upper tenth percentile of high performance players in extremely unique, high demand/low supply industries.

Morgan 20/20. If you’ll trust our contrarian methodologies, we’ll deliver a higher level of intellectual performance, in any role.