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Candidate Eligibility

Morgan Methodology of search allows us to identify and separate from the pack those that must be sought after. We rely on peer reviews and good old fashioned detective work to find top 15% talent. Don’t worry about finding us, we’ll find you.

The following criteria must be met before submittal to a Morgan 20/20 client:

  • Candidates must be referred to us by their peers or our clients.

  • Candidates will be in the top 15% of technical or managerial performance within their department, group or overall skill set.

  • Candidates must prove and/or demonstrate examples of performance that led to an increase of revenue, decrease in expenses or an increase in workflow to the department or company as a whole.

  • Candidates must have the communication skills to be chameleon-like and the ability to identify and co-exist with multiple styles of persona. They should be able to motivate staff to perform at maximum output.

  • Candidates must have a conscious understanding of the variance between their current contribution and the unused portion that can be elevated immediately with the proper employment positioning.

  • Candidates must have a well defined “wish list” or criteria for change.

  • Candidates must possess the character we would feel comfortable inviting into our home for dinner with our families.


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