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Digging Deep Into Executive Search

Most really dislike it.

Here’s why: As a candidate, you’ve been recruited before. It’s distasteful. Recruiter calls, pretends he knows all about you, from another guy who spoke “highly” about you. He then launches a job description mirroring your LinkedIn profile and tells you, “you’d be a great fit”. Your eyes roll, you want to say out loud, “you don’t even know if I’m interested and you’re pitching me a job. You car salesman, you”. But you don’t. You are a polite professional and now you’d like to hang up and wash your hands. We get it. Totally.

As a client, same deal. You are pitched the most “incredible candidates” without one question of your needs and zero research done on your firm. “He’d be a great fit.” You roll your eyes. You do need people. “I can’t use someone like that, but I could use a …” Now comes the wave of Monster, CareerBuilder, Dice and Zip Recruiter resumes. The same resumes that HR has exposure to, and you’ve passed on. We get it. YOU ARE JUSTIFIED.

When you pay a fee you deserve leather no plastic.

The Process


On-site Search Intake and Culture Scan.

We guarantee you haven’t experienced the depth of our inquiries into position scope, departmental objectives and corporate culture. The easiest part of search is matching technical skills; the hardest part is matching a candidate’s soft skills to the flavors in your hallway and an environment that frees a candidate’s creativity. This is our strength.


No Job Boards, Tweets, or LinkedIn postings. Period.

Engage us after that frustrates you.

We work old school. We have zero interest in finding out who’s looking. Our job is to find those who are buried in excellence and have their heads down in noticeable performance. Morgan 20/20 candidates are selected based on professional vetting by their peers, not by their aggressive availability and personal advertisements. Be warned: when we present one, you’ll need to deviate from protocol and clear the calendar.


No pitching jobs. No baiting candidates.

We won’t expose you to surprise-filled, tire kicking candidates. Typical headhunters pitch jobs before they ever know a candidate’s status or interest. It’s cheesy and makes zero sense to us.

Before we ever discuss a specific opportunity, candidates have already given us their full, purist views on what a Utopian situation is for them. We don’t sell jobs, we are skillful matchmakers. That comes from hearing the truth before anything else. Bored opportunists never make it past us. If we can’t find a legitimate career wound that will motivate a top 15% candidate to move, they are not eligible for Morgan 20/20 Search.


Prepping the Client for the InnerView™.

Important candidates require preparation. They are as bright as you, can read a “wing it” interview instantly and could misjudge your company’s management culture if the interviewer is not prepared.

We provide you a candidate assessment that will dwarf the typical resume and slanted reference checks you are accustomed to receiving from others. Our process includes prepping you for an interview that will give you such an in-depth look at the candidate, that we actually use the term InnerView™. We’ll walk you through the entire process and will ensure that you are 100% confident with no surprises.


Honest, No-Bluff Debriefing.

No games. No playing both sides. We work for you, not the candidate. If the candidate has any “holes”, you’ll know about them.

If we do the reference check you’ll get both barrels in quotes or a recorded conversation (where permitted). You decide.


Negotiating Closure.

There is no negotiating. If all parties do their job correctly and if all sides have been pre-closed with hypothetical offers and hypothetical acceptances, transitions are smooth. If we feel an offer won’t be accepted, it will not be extended. Simple as that. At Morgan 20/20 Search, no one wears egg. Period.


To do our job well, you must give us your trust.

We are leather not plastic. We work Prime, not USDA choice. Our work will last and bring stronger contributions.

We’ll prove it on the first search.

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