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Insider information: Within the world of search, staffing firms are broken down by verticals: IT, Engineering, Sales, Accounting/Finance, etc.

Within Engineering or IT search, the world of Drone technology is regarded as the redheaded stepchild.

    1. Not profitable yet. Highly specialized. Still in the “wild, wild West” mode. Can’t scale because it is unlikely to cross-place UAV/AUV professionals in other industries.
    2. Low numbers of searches.  Infrequently assigned to search firms. Still in good ol’ boy personal networking growth stage. Rapidly growing. However, candidate pipelines are non existent and most headhunters must start from scratch.
  • Ignorance. Because UAV search is not large enough to be its own search vertical, recruiters don’t interview the same skill sets repetitiously to understand the difference between excellence in a skill set or mediocrity. Separate a high performance machine to machine learning coder from a not-so-high performance coder? Negative. So they simply match resume keywords to a light job description. HR, with 30+ openings going at once has the same challenges.
  • The result: Technical management must take on a new time consuming vacuum, screening misfits and unqualified candidates, as time sensitive projects and revenues potentially stall.
  • The solution: Its real simple. Drones are all we do.

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