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Expect to be exhausted. Once.

Give us one concentrated intake session  and turn us loose.

HIRING MANAGERS: Instead of figuring out what you need technically and culturally by interviewing off the mark candidates, we will ask for 3 things on the front end:

  1. 45 minutes of “intake”, going deep into technical nuance and outcome expectations. You will be surprised at our technical comprehension.
  2. 30 minutes of conversation arranged with one role model of corporate culture we will pattern our search from.
  3. On-site walk through absorbing the environment, facilities, and culture. It’s our expense on the front end, you reimburse at search completion.

OUR CANDIDATE: We will understand what you do, deeper than your boss.

  1. You will spend 1-2 hours breaking down your role into percentages of functionality. Expect those duties to sift down further to granular qualifiers.
  2. Your wish-list will be deeply explored, and if we are in agreement with the realism of your capabilities and goals, you will be 100% confidentially aligned with a client that has appreciation of your past and future contributions.
How it Works